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I am a Psychologist / Counsellor currently working with an NGO and have own clinic based in Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal) . My Qualifications are M.A (Psychology), C.I.G , P.G. Diploma in guidance and counselling . I have conducted many sessions on teenage problems in schools . I have been working with people who face issues in their daily life , with students having addictions , family problems , relationship issues. I am currently working with the patients suffering from mental health problems . Attending a counselling session becomes tough for some people as they think what the people in the society would think that I am going for counselling means I have some mental problem but that's not the case. Visiting a Psychologist does not mean that you are suffering from a mental problem untill and unless its diagnosed by the specialist. There are many reasons one can approach to a Psychologist - Difficulty in expressing your feelings, loneliness, time management , stress management, difficulty in public speaking , hesitation in starting conversation .Not necessary that a client visiting a Psychologist means he has a problem its just that some people find their own ways and some need a little bit of guidance and support . "Life is like riding a bicycle , in order to keep your balance , you must keep moving"

About This Session

Teenagers very often get stuck in situations, and find it difficult to come out of tough times. sometimes it gets real hard to make decisions. and it becomes difficult to adjust family life with friends. Little things we do gets bigger in mind. Lets solve all the queries right away. Every problem have a solution, sometimes you just need some guidance. So, teenagers facing any problems can contact and feel free to express as our conversation will be confidential . Lets work on your problems together and live happily and learn the art of balancing your relationships

  • M.A.
Languages Known
  • English
Skill Sets
  • Addictions, Family Problems, Relationship Issues, Loneliness, Time Management, Stress Management, Difficulty In Public Speaking, Hesitation In Starting Conversation, Family Problems, Relationship Issues.


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