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About Us is an online portal where we provide services such as Psychological Counselling, Medical Consultation, Legal Advice, advice on Indian Astrology, Career Guidance and a host of other consultations and online services, with an edge: the edge being that we provide these services online. Querease has been especially designed for people who do not want to leave the comfort of their homes (or have an especially pesky boss who would not give them any time off!), yet need consultations or services from an expert in a specific field. We help them save valuable time and energy by avoiding a visit to the Consultant or Service Provider’s office, by simply providing the services online.

We have a panel of expert service providers from a wide range of sectors, such as: Medicine and Mental Health Care, Law, Education, Accounting and Finance, Investment and many others who would be available for you to consult with, and for you to be provided with their services, online. You can also turn to us for Beauty and Fashion Tips, Photography Techniques, or even when you want to avoid a Baking disaster. At we are always ready to help you with expert advice, whenever you need it.

The service providers are listed under various domains, each of which showcases their area of expertise and the services that can be availed from them online. You can choose a service provider, select his/her session (we like to call these “Qalls”), make an appointment depending on their availability and consult them online via video call/voice call/chat. It’s as simple as that! And don’t worry, you’re in safe hands. We ensure that we only have the best of the best on our panel of experts. Experts, on the other hand, can look at expanding their reach and growing their offline base via our online initiatives. is extremely service oriented, bringing you the best consultants on a single platform. So, let us handle all your problems, and we shall strive to help you resolve them.

Our Mission

The thought behind Querease: If everything is being made available online, from consumer goods, to property, to even holy matrimony (!), why can services such as those of doctors, lawyers or astrologers, not be sold online? Thus, started the journey of, which turned from just an idea to a fully functional portal for availing services online in a few short months. With a constantly expanding network of experts and new users coming on board with regularity, is growing with each day.

Our goal, in the long run, is to make life as easy as possible for our users by helping them buy all possible services online, especially the services which are not easily available to them. So whether you are an Indian professional living abroad needing a pandit ji, or just in the need to speak to a doctor after a twisted ankle on a holiday, we can help you. In this mission of ours we would also try to help our experts expand their client base and gain even more recognition in their fields.

We hope to become the go-to portal for online consultation and online services for both, our users and our experts.


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