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Most of us are unaware of addictionology as a concept and part of medical science. For addictions such as alcohol, drug etc, there are many experts who can help us. Since these subjects are so delicate and one may not be comfortable sharing it – Querease makes it easy by offering the wonderful suggestion of online video chats. It’s the perfect way to get help for any addiction – whether to alcohol or drugs. Sometimes patients feel very tired, lazy or disinterested in receiving help. The best solution for this is to get the help at home. There is nowhere to run and it’s extremely affective. Since these practices are frowned upon in our society, one may feel embarrassed to accept them and discuss it openly. In an online video chat, there are chances that one will be willing to have a conversation that will benefit him. An open conversation with an expert also helps in breaking myths about addictions. One may feel better after the first session itself. The experts at Querease can be contacted through a text message first, if the user so prefers. This not only helps in breaking the ice but also enables one to be relaxed during the session. Everything that takes places in the session is between you and the expert, and only you are authorized to the chat history as well as other reports that are part of the session.


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