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Assurance services are a type of professional service that are typically provided by Chartered Public Accountants (In India, certified by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICAI). Those providing Auditing and Assurance services give advice based on the information or context of information provided by a business so as to reduce business risk and be better informed about the future investments, and the places where these investments can be made by the company so that maximum profits can be ascertained. Auditing is a type of assurance service which helps make informed decisions from the financial statements of a company. Auditing is done to ascertain the validity of financial statements. Other Auditing and Assurance services can include Accounts Receivables Review, Business Risk Assessment, Internal Audit Outsourcing, etc. It’s indispensable for a company or firm to have reliable Auditing and Assurance services as these ensure honest and efficient working of a company, predict the future success, reflect the company’s competence and reliability for potential investors and buyers. Thus, it goes without saying that careful scrutiny is a must when selecting the professionals or the body of professionals to carry out these functions for a firm. Auditing and Assurance statements decide the future course of action that managers and investors of a firm will take, based on the context of information provided. At Querease, we understand your need for a trustworthy service. We bring to your desktop Auditing and Assurance services from certified professionals who will advise you through the various stages of your company’s revaluation and assessment. Take advice through our interactive video chat services and with options of textual conversations. No need to face the hassle of searching for Experts who will give you the best services from the comfort of your home. All your information is kept with due care and gets saved so that you don’t have to worry about keeping a record of your statements, and you may easily retrieve documents as and when you need them. Our experts will guide you in the best way possible.


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