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Career counselling is something that helps a person identify the path he wants to follow in life. What career we opt for is an extremely delicate and crucial decision as it decides our future life path and we should go for the best career advice online. Whatever may be our calling in life, we must weigh our options and choose a path best suited to us according to our dreams, desires, passion and talent. Querease enables you to talk to career counsellors and seek career advice online, from the privacy of your room. From resume writing, to which college to choose, to which course you should opt for - every query is solved with ease when you talk to a career counsellor and tae career advice online. Like life, career also has its own share of ups and down and in such scenarios, one small mistake can put you behind in the race to achieve you dreams. Taking career advice online from an experienced career counsellor judges your inherent talent, your strength and weakness and then accordingly informs you about the career choices you have. They help you avoid a career misfit at a later stage of life and save years of hard and stressful work.


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