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Career Astrology Reading

About This Expert

I come from a well educated Brahmin family from Lucknow. My father, Mr J.N Sharma was a journalist and writer and also wrote a number of spiritual books. My grandfather was a well-known astrologer too. I am an expert in Vedic astrology. I have 13 years experience. My satisfied clients are my wealth. I have post graduate degree.

About This Session

This report depends on the following factors of native’s horoscope:- 1. Strength of career related houses of the horoscope 2. Position of the lord of these houses 3. Placement of Signifcator planets of the career in the horoscope 4. Planetary position in related divisional charts 5. Running major period and sub period of native 6. Transit effect of planets What do we provide in Career Astrology Report? 1. Indepth reading of career related houses of the horoscope 2. Reading of lord of these houses 3. Reading Significator planets of the career in the horoscope 4. Effect of planetary position in related divisional chart 5. Suggest suitable mode of profession Job/Business 6. Suggest suitable industries 7. Career prediction (Period wise) according to report size 5 years 8. Remedy for every period 9. Gemstone for career 10. Remedies/Mantra/Fast for good career 11. Answer of your questions regarding career

Languages Known
  • English,Hindi
Skill Sets
  • Astrology, Vedic Astrology


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