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Civil law, Civilian law or Roman law is a legal system which has been intellectualised within the framework of the late Roman law- also the most intricate and historically prevalent legal system of the world, studied and practiced by civil law consultants. It is a legal system where the core principles are codified in a referable system which serves as primary source of law. This can be contrasted with common law systems whose framework comes from decisional law which emphasises on precedential authority coming from prior court decisions. The purpose of codification is to govern a civilian population by providing them a collection of laws to abide by, which they judges must follow. For these codes, the primary source are Law codes, which are basically a collection of inter-related articles, arranged by subject matter in a specified order. In India, the Civil Procedure Code is the law code for civil laws. The laws of India are very exhaustive and lawyers go through intense training of years before they can finally start practicing the law, like all civil law consultants do. A lot of preparation, determination, zeal to outdo oneself and others, education, and most importantly- experience is required when dealing with civil law cases and suits. To understand more about the civil laws of the country, and to address any wrongs that may have been done to you, getting the advice of an experienced civil law consultants with expertise in the field of civil laws is important. At Querease we are proud to have on-board reputed and highly experienced legal advisors who will provide you legal advice online. Talk to our civil law consultants to resolve your queries. We assure you excellent legal service online delivered through online video chats on our highly interactive interface. All your records from the online sessions are saved at one place, and you can access them easily anytime. This means, no more hassles of loads of paperwork!


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