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Criminal law is the body of law that relates to crime and criminal law consultants specialise in this field of law. Criminal laws of a state are implemented so as to regulate social conduct for the safety and welfare of its people and property. The criminal laws are meant to punish those violate the laws of the state, and the cases are brought to the fore and argued by criminal law consultants. Criminal laws are different from civil laws mainly on the basis that criminal law is concerned with punishment whereas, civil laws are concerned mainly with dispute resolution and victim compensation. Indian criminal laws are divided into the three major acts which are Indian Penal Code, 1860, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and Indian Evidence Act 1872.Every crime is composed of criminal elements. In cases of the most serious and heinous crimes, capital punishment is imposed. In serious crimes, corporal punishments such as caning and whipping can also be ordered, although these practices are generally frowned upon and protest against the world over for their barbaric nature. Mostly, jail term or incarceration for a specified time period is given as punishment to the violators. The system of criminal laws is very intricately and carefully designed to ensure justice for the victim and appropriate punishment to the criminal. If the crime has the elements ‘actus reus’ (guilty act) and ‘mens rea’ (guilty mind) present, along with other criminal elements, the suspect is help guilty and punishment is given. Getting legal advice from an expert is necessary to understand the complex laws and this is where criminal law consultants come into the picture. Sometimes, we may find ourselves in the middle of an unpleasant scenario where we are wronged, or see someone else getting wronged and facing injustice. Having access to the advice of a criminal law consultant studying crime is helpful not just to avail justice, but to even be careful of not unintentionally indulging in an act which may create problems for us in the future. To know and understand more about the criminal laws of our country, get in touch with our excellent criminal law consultants at Querease where they deliver the session through an online video chat over our highly interactive interface.


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