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Cyber law or Internet law encapsulates all the crimes related to law and computing, and cyber law consultants are experts in these laws. The cyberspace is no longer just a virtual space where information is shared for the benefit of the users. Now, there are geeks and other such experts of the cyberspace who use their talent and expertise to commit crimes in the cyber world. To be simply put, cyber laws are those concerned with the governing and punishment of violators who commit crimes such as fraud, defamation, misuse their freedom of speech and expression, pornography, etc. Cyber criminals use the computer as a tool, target, or both to attack a person’s individual space and hack it to get information in an unlawful way and then use this sensitive information to cause heavy/loss or damage to that person, or a particular body they want to attack. Cyber laws intersect with other legal issues which are dealt with under the Indian Penal Code such as defamation, fraud, theft, money laundering, intruding into the private space of an individual or body without prior permission or to deliberately indulge in activities that will cause harm to the intellectual property of the aggrieved. This field requires highly specialised cyber law consultants as the cyber laws cover vast subjects. Cyber laws in our country are laid down under the Information Technology Act 2000 (amended in 2006 and 2008) that ensure that the cyberspace isn’t used by cyber terrorists to extort information from us in order to make us suffer. Internet crimes can be of different kinds and against different bodies, such as internet crimes against persons such as e-mail spoofing, hacking, cyber stalking, crimes against property such as intellectual property rights, crimes against the government like distribution of pirated software or to encourage and spread crimes against society in large such as child pornography and human trafficking. Since we use the internet on such a large scale, we also face the threat of cyber terrorists who may misuse this widespread web of technology against us. Internet crimes do not only affect large corporations but, they affect us as individuals who are apart of society as well. Hence, it’s necessary to have on-call cyber law consultants who have an in-depth knowledge about the cyber laws and understand the cyber space. To make the knowledge of the cyber laws world more accessible and simple, Querease presents you with cyber law consultants who have legal expertise in the field of cyber laws. Get legal advice online from cyber law consultants through sessions with our legal advisors which are delivered through video chats over our user-friendly interface.


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