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As people age, their nutritional requirements change. There is no specific ‘right or healthy diet’ which can be universally applied to all the elderly. Old people are particularly prone to malnutrition and any attempts to provide the right nutrition for elderly is bound to face many obstacles. As their metabolic rate goes down with passing years, older people have lesser energy requirement. Though a well-balanced diet is mandatory for everyone, but elderly people need a special nutrition chart for themselves. There are some nutrients that elderly need to consume in higher quantities than adults while there are some they need to consume in moderation. Thus, taking care of nutrition for elderly can be tricky. They should have a proper diet to maintain and improve their overall health. As our elderly get easily tired we bring nutritionists with their counsel on elderly nutrition online to them in their own garden. Yes, you can meet our diet experts with expertise in the field of nutrition for elderly online from the place of your comfort and at the time of your choice.


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