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About This Expert

Hi Everyone,I am on board with from 2014 as General Manager for Business Development , Its completely a different experience working with Querease , Everyday there is something new to learn and cherish.There are lots of challenges which come across but solving and overcoming them with the team effort is reason for Querease success.

About This Session

Marketing isn’t just about trying to build sales; it’s about building relationships that cultivate loyalty. The result may yield more sales, but clients and customers want authenticity in their business relationships and a smart marketing strategy can be the difference between solidifying customer relationships or losing them. Many times the first step for a business leader is knowing where to start. In Qall we will discuss your business potentials in detail. Although in case if there is something important to ask I have my first five minutes absolutely free.

Languages Known
  • English,Hindi,Punjabi,Marathi,Haryanvi,Thai,Bhojpuri
Skill Sets
  • Business Development, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Investment Analysis, Risk Analysis


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