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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact us, skim through our Self Serve options and Frequently Asked Questions for quicker answers.

The word “Querease” is an amalgamation of the words “query” and “ease”. So basically, Querease is the easy way to answer all your queries.
It’s fast, easy and reliable. We aim everyday to make online consulting a seamless process for our users. To offer them the best of services, advice and consulting sessions without as much as stepping out of their homes! Querease is the answer to all your questions, doubts, queries about everyday things.
Yes, all our users need to register with us online with their basic details in order for us to send our users the details of their sessions via email, once the session is over. Additionally, this helps us to provide a better user experience and resolve conflicts. However, you do not need to provide payment details for using the free services on the website.
A Qall is what we like to call a set of services pre-defined by an expert, which are available to potential customers for a specified amount.
By listing a Qall instead of the Consultant, we help the users (both, potential and current) in getting a fair idea of what services are they likely to receive, thereby reducing ambiguity and unreasonable expectations.
To save time! We know how busy you are and we want to make it easier for you to get services at your convenience and time. A video call offers you an opportunity for a one-to-one personal session whereas if you don’t have internet access or a system ready you can opt for a telephonic call too. Just choose the time of the session and be assured of a hassle free experience.
Yes, we make sure that the Consultants and Service Providers have to go through a very strict screening process, in order to ensure that we bring to you, the best of the best from each field. The Consultants and Service Providers are required to submit a range of documents, including their accreditation certification and other educational documentation. We choose only the most renowned professionals to help us serve you better.
Our “Wallet system” serves as an escrow account. As soon as you book a session, you are required to pay for it online via a range payment methods available to you. The money is then held by Querease till the session is conducted, and the money is transferred to the Service Provider only 72 hours after the session is completed to the satisfaction of the user.
You simply need to register on our site to set up an appointment. If the consultant is not available on a particular date, you will be informed to pick next suitable date and time. If the consultant is available when you are online you can simply start the chat with him/her, depending on your wallet balance.
You can make an appointment for a consultation and cancel it afterwards. However, for you to be eligible for a refund, you must cancel your appointment at least 6 hours in advance. After that a 50% cancellation charge applies.
You can transfer funds to our account via net banking, credit/debit cards, cash cards, PayMate, Mobikwik or PayTM. This amount is held in escrow. Once the session is held, and it is over, only then is the amount transferred to the consultant.
Generally, consultation and fees are fixed for a specific service. Other related services may not be offered and this cannot be counted as a ground for dissatisfaction.
You can apply for a refund within 72 hours of conclusion of the Qall. The refund request then goes to the Service Provider for approval. If the service provider refutes the refund, or does not respond within 72 hours of the refund request, the decision making authority comes down to Querease. In case of every refund request, the final deciding authority rests with Querease.
In case of a technical error, you can ask for a full refund. On any other grounds, the service-providing consultant himself/herself processes refund applications. In case you want a refund on other grounds, you may refer to our Service User Protection Program.
This happens sometimes, and in such cases, we conduct an in-depth verification with the customer and the consultant about each side of the argument and decide accordingly. In this case, the deciding authority rests with Querease.
Don’t worry about that at all. We do not save any of your conversations, so your privacy will not be compromised in any way.
Don’t worry, we will guide you through the whole process!
According to the time of your session, you will receive contact details of your expert. For a telephonic session, expert will call you at said time (paid session) or you can call expert (free session). Incase of a video call you will be guided to the beginning of the session and don’t need to download any added extensions to start or continue the session. A mail will be sent to you informing you of the beginning of the session. Once on the Querease website, you will see an indication to begin your session at the top of the page. Simply click on it.
While booking a session, if you book it during the in- schedule hours, your session is confirmed. If however you have booked it during out-schedule hours, you will receive a notification confirming or postponing the session. For any special requests, write to us!
Communication is the key to success and we happily promote it. Yes, you can send a message to the expert before booking a session for more clarity on the subject of your consultancy or to receive an answer for any query you may have or to simply know your consultant better!
Tell us! We will be more than happy to include as many services as we can for our users. So start writing!
Not at all! You can speak to your councillor for as long as you please (if the councillor is willing!) 30 minutes can exceed to 40 minutes and we won’t charge you a rupee extra, we promise!
When you can sit in the comfort of your home and speak to your expert, why travel kilometers away? We offer you convenience and ease through video calling enabling you to decide when and how you want to use a service. Enjoy it.
If you’d like to speak to our experts again, you can book following sessions according to your convenience and time.
In case of any further queries, please call our toll-free number 1800- 2000- 799, or write to us at


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