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About This Expert

With more than 5 years of experience in the Financial Sector, I have substantial knowledge of CASA, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Business Loans, Liabilities, Products, etc. Besides having an MBA in Finance from IBS Mumbai, I am also AMFI, IRDA, FIMDA certified and hold a White Belt Certificate from BENCHMARK SIX SIGMA. I have knowledge of Security Analysis, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Quantitative Finance, Investment Banking, Project Appraisal & Finance, Credit Management, Retail & Banking operations, International Trade and Finance. I provide customized investment solutions as per the needs and requirements of both, the individual and the company.

About This Session

It is essential for an individual to invest wisely for the rainy days and to make their future secure, and that is why expert advice is essential to generate superior returns from the stock market. Here, I will offer you Investment Advisory Services with the ternary objective of Superior Returns, Risk Minimization and Portfolio Diversification.

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