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Fundraising is the process of collecting funds and resources by the way of voluntary contributions from investors, guarantors, charitable foundations, governmental agencies or the general public outside the company. Although fundraising consultancy has been predominantly been used for not-for-profit organisations but a while now, this process of collecting funds has also been used to identify capital building sources by corporation working for profit, to identify creditors and investors. Crowdfunding is also a type of fundraiser which involves raising money and sources to fund a project or venture by asking for donations from a large number of people, generally online. This has become a recent trend and due to the immense outreach of the internet, this method of raising funds is gaining a lot of popularity. A fundraising consultant can throw further light on this new trend. The crowdfunding process is a model based on the three types of actors- the one proposing the project or idea, the supporters of the idea who contribute to the fundraiser, and the mediator who bring together the proposer and supporters on a common platform to carry out the fundraiser. Whatever the type of fundraising you choose, it’s important to have necessary knowledge and expertise to carry out this process. At Querease we have on-board highly accountable and reliable fundraising consultants who will help you with your fundraising activities so that you can raise maximum amounts of credit to carry out the smooth functioning of your organisation, whether it’s a not-for-profit organisation or a for-profit organisation. Seek professional counsel from fundraising consultant online at Querease which are delivered through video chats, as per your convenience of time and location.


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