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Be it diabetes, common cold or persistent head ache – we all seek a general physician! How great would it be if your general physician was within reach at all times! Our medical experts are your saviours when you are suffering from a horrible cold and don’t feel like stepping out on jammed roads. Simply book a session and settle in for your online consultation with a general physician from the comfort of your homes. Should you have any queries before the session, you can send a message to your consultant before booking the session. A general physician is one of the most sought after doctors in the medical profession. For every small problem, we seek a physician who will help us get better. With Querease, you can receive consultations on a myriad of concerns such as diabetes, Blood Pressure problems, chest infections and other such illnesses. One needs to consult a general physician on a regular basis, so wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to plan your official schedules around such appointments and could continue your consultancy through a convenient online video chat? Online consultation with a doctor would save a lot of time, effort and energy while also keeping your health in check. The best part about online video consulting is that all your files, reports and documents are stored in one place! There is no chance of losing anything and everything will always be within reach whenever you need it. Now isn’t that great? No more heavy files and no chance of losing important files especially when you need them the most!


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