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Herbal homoeopathy for all allergies for humans

About This Expert

I m a qualified medical professional specialising in herbal & homoeopathic medicine for Human & Veterinary use. Also Serving in the Armed forces & thereby gaining lot of experience in different working environments to understand emerging disease patterns. My research in treatment of allergies is pioneering today with large no. of patients being cured each day.To compliment the above we have designed preventive health package in cardiac medicine where in we make necessary changes in your lifestyle along with host of herbal & Natural medicines to prevent the dreaded disease. Our research team is experienced in the field of veterinary homoeopathy.We are the first Few in India to treat pets,farm animals through herbal & homoeopathic medicines avoiding heavy medication & surgeries in the most cost effective manner without side effects.

About This Session

Allergies like rains are nowadays pouring non stop ,much due to toxins in lifestyle,genetic predisposition , wrong or suppressive treatments like steroids and many more reasons. It effects all organ systems of he body like Skin,Respiratory,Gastric etc. Modern medicine provides only timely relief from disturbing symptoms but at a huge cost of side effects. With natural medicine precision is made to understand your disease from its inception through Detailed medical case and targeting the problem area with natural healing agents without side effects. Safe for everyone from infants to elders yet effective to treat from simple coughs to cancers.

  • M.B.B.S.
Languages Known
  • English
Skill Sets
  • Herbal Medicine Doctor, Homoeopathy, Veterinary Homoeopathy, Armed Forces


Ramesh Madaan
Dr. Singh is very experienced doctor. his medicine are very effective.
Yash Malhotra
My son has been taking asthma medicine from Dr. Singh from last six month and his condition has improved atleast by 70%. Thank you Querease for creating a platform where I do not have to waste my time travelling and Dr. Singh for making my life stress free.


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