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Homoeopathy A Holistic Approach

About This Expert

I am a certified Homoeopathic Physician with 8 years of clinical experience. Treatment is provided for various gynecological problems, pediatric diseases, hairfall, obesity, cosmetic and skin diseases, psychological problems, musculoskeletal problems etc under same roof. Homoeopathy treats the "person as whole" , and works on the basis of "totality of symptoms", and is easy to follow with no side effects.

About This Session

Homoeopathy is a scientific and philosophical system of constitutional medicine & individualistic drug therapeutics, based on the law of similars, with the potentiality of cure in cases that are curable and relieves symptoms in incurable cases.

Languages Known
  • English,Hindi,Haryanvi
Skill Sets
  • Homoepathy,Skin diseases,Gynaecological Problems,Pediatric Diseases,Hair Problem,Cosmetic,Psychological Problem,musculoskeletal problems


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