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Kanika Khanna

Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition And Other Therapeutic Programs, Improving Body Metabolism, Stamina And Insulin Sensitivity, Weight Gain Or Weight Loss, Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss And Epileptic Children
Myself Nutritionist and Dietitian Kanika Khanna with over 9 year of intense experience and has been associated with organizations like Max Hospital, British Biologicals, currently I am associated with Apollo group and has also set up a diet “e- clinic” with a vision to reach every hook and corner of the world, to help people and spreading healthier Lifestyle forever. Since Past 9 + years, I have been conducting specialized weight loss, sports nutrition and other therapeutic programs which is based on a unique method of improving body metabolism, stamina and insulin sensitivity. I have a holistic approach towards the treatment, As every individual body is different so before recommending any diet plans, initially I take out the root cause of weight gain or any other medical issues by doing various assessments and discussion, then analyze their food record and ask series of general health questions including anthropometrics(height, weight & waist line). Then I proceed further to provide dietary recommendation, tips, resources and even recipes based on your specific needs. Further, I work with you, to plan your diet as per your BMR(Basel Metabolic Rate) and other nutritional requirements to help you overcome the barrier.

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