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The Indian labour law refers to the system of laws which governs and ensures just conditions of workers at workplace and protecting them from any kind of injustice or oppression that they might face by the senior officials or other colleagues. India is a federal form of government and Labour lies under the Concurrent List, which means that its jurisdiction lies under both the central and state governments. Advice from labour law consultant will help us understand the structure better. In the Indian Labour law system, labourers are distinguished into ‘organised’ and ‘unorganised’ sectors and are thus governed by different bodies in the country. Those workers who fall under neither of the categories lie under the jurisdiction of Contract laws of the country. The Industrial Disputes Act 1948 revolutionised the workplace laws and brought about immense amount of changes in the way a company is supposed to function and treat its employees. The workers under the unorganised sector go with their problems to the Directorate General Labour Welfare in the country. There are various laws and amendments that have been made to the Constitution for better employee-employer interaction, as can be explained and interpreted more clearly by a trained labour law consultant. Article 41 created a ‘right to work’ which the National Rural Employees Regulation Act 2005 tries to put into effect; Article 42 mandates that workers should have a right to a living wage and have decent conditions of work; Article 43A which was introduced into the constitution through the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of Indian, 1976. Important laws to keep in mind are Workmen’s Compensation Act of 1923, Trade Unions Act of 1926 (Amended in 2001), Payment of Wages Act 1936, industrial Disputes Act of 1947, Maternity Benefit Act of 1961, Payment of Gratuity Act of 1972 etc. To make sure that we follow all the rules before we employ anyone under us, or we want to help someone who is facing any kind of oppression at work, understanding the labour laws is necessary. In case we run an organisation or corporation, it’s even more important to get expert legal advice from a labour law consultant so as to avoid any legal complications in the future. Before going ahead with starting any work and employing anyone under us, we should seek expert advice and avail the services of legal advice available online from reputed labour law consultants. Querease presents you the opportunity of having an online counselling session with our experienced and nuanced labour law consultant who will give you online legal advice regarding the labour laws over highly interactive video chats on our user-friendly interface.


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