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Respond Instead of Reacting

About This Expert

Hello I am Lt. Vishal Chibber, a Science Graduate with Honors in Maths have over 14 years of training experience along with Business Development, Corporate Marketing, and Corporate Communications. Along with the physical skills and mental aptitude that come naturally to an army officer, I specialize in soft skill training programmes having trained students and professionals at various levels on areas, such as Personality Development, Presentation Skills, Team Building, Leadership Skills, Interviewing Skill, Business Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, and Competency Building. I specialize in areas such as Train the Trainer, Self Motivation, Communication Skills, Advanced Negotiation Skills, Corporate Etiquettes and Manners, Team Building and Leadership Skills. I believe to be a dynamic personality, have an acumen for business and presentation skills having conducted several seminars and presentations all over India. An excellent speaker and a great motivator, I have a passion for learning and development. I have conducted more than 700+hrs of Training experience where I have provided clients with satisfactory and high quality services These programs are conducted and the skills sculpted in the minds of the participants through well crafted and executed interactive sessions. Tools used are PowerPoint presentations, story-telling, role plays, discussions, games, tests, video clips, and other individual and group activities.

About This Session

Two heads are better than one, conversations that may leads to solutions... ideas that neutral head uncomplicate and unlearn is what we do in a conversation. Lets just sit and have a conversation about whatever is happening and has happened, without keeping any pre- assumptions. We are smart enough to solve and get out of almost every situation, we only need to realise what and where we are investing.

  • B.Sc.
  • M.C.S.E
  • M.B.A.
Languages Known
  • English
Skill Sets
  • Coorporate Training Motivational Counselling, Business Development, Corporate Marketing, And Corporate Communications


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