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When a civil suit is brought into the court room for a hearing, this process is called Litigation. It can either be filed by the aggrieved or the person contemplating the lawsuit (plaintiff) or the one defending himself (called the defendant) and are argued by litigation lawyers. Lawsuits can be filed for various problems such as breach of contract, a mishap with the neighbour, personal injury damages, etc. Although litigation mostly refers to the torts cases, but in a nutshell, it can refer to any case where the matter is taken to the court for hearing before the judge. Although litigation lawyers are trained to handle court cases, a good litigator will also be trained in making a sound judgement as to whether a case is best suited for a court hearing or whether it can be resolved outside the courtroom. If a case can be settled outside the courtroom, then this should always be opted. Litigation is a lengthy and frustrating process in our country and there are various pending cases lying to be heard and resolved. Litigation lawyers go through a rigorous training and have to gain a lot of experience before they can start effectively practicing in courts. In the initial stages it is not a very high-paying job, but as more time is spent observing senior litigators, people learn better. Since litigators have to go through a very taxing journey, they are help in very high esteem and also have a better exposure than other lawyers who deal with corporate cases. At Querease we are pleased to have with us a team of litigation lawyers who are highly experienced and are apt to help you with your cases. In case of a suit, you can take legal advice online from these litigation lawyers which are delivered through online video chats on our interactive interface.


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