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Individuals sometimes go through severe personal problems and identity crisis. Talking to friends or family may not prove to be enough and the presence of an external entity’s counsel may just be the perfect solution for the individual. Personal counselling refers to the aspect of psychology where an expert counsellor engages with his client on a one-on-one basis and listens to his complex issues in life. The problems addressed in personal counselling sessions range from problems in personal relationships, racial or other kind of segregation the individual might have experienced, extreme pressure to perform, increasing stress and anxiety levels, losing the purpose of life, depression, decreasing self-confidence and other such personal issues. A typical session includes the client and the counsellor where the counsellor deeply listens to the grievances. Oftentimes, the client just needs a person to talk to, and this is why, a good personal counsellor encourages his client to have long conversations, just to let out his feelings and innate fears, so as to root out the issue and deal with it. It requires great courage on the part of the individual to take up the decision of consulting a personal counselling. This is a remarkable change in a person’s life and marks the beginning of a brighter future for him. It’s advised to go for online consultancy as it ensures maximum privacy and ease. At Querease, we understand your needs and have here present a panel of expert counsellors who will guide you through your tough times with their experience and support. Just go online and choose your counsellor, and deal with your problems from the place of your choice. All your records are saved at a place and you don’t have to face any hassles to access them. We promise you efficiency and ease.


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