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About This Expert

I am a practicing Counseling Psychologist. B.A(Hons) Psychology from Delhi University (1991), Master’s in Psychology from Delhi University (1993) .Diploma in Guidance and Counseling (1998). I started my career 18 years back by working with a NGO for blinds helping individuals, couples and families to cope with psychological problems. As an experienced counseling psychologist I honestly feels that my experience with all my clients is my biggest strength which I considers as TRUE LEARNINGS . I am thankful to God and owes my heart filled gratitude to all my clients. As a counselor I work towards effective and practical solutions. The counseling I offers is solution oriented and is aimed at bringing a holistic change. I am trained under some of the best counselors from India, U.S and U.K. I holds a Certificate of Master trainer in LIFE-SKILLS by The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Member Indian Psychologists Association, Association of Counselors and allied Professionals. A speaker in conferences and media in the areas of: Healthy Relationships Career choice Effective Parenting Skills Managing Stress and Emotions Life-Skills Adolescent Issues With a career span of 18 years in the field of Guidance and Counseling, I have been working closely and intensively with Schools, Institutions, Corporates, NGO’s, Private hospitals in the areas of CAREER COUNSELING, MARRIAGE AND RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING. COUNSELING ADULTS , PARENTS, FAMILIES, CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS. I have helped many individuals and families who had tough times of CHOOSING THE RIGHT CAREER, or CONFLICTS IN MARRIAGE or EMOTIONAL and ADJUSTMENT PROBLEMS. Counseling has been my passion and my mission in life is to put all her God given talents to good use every day to improve my relationships with my God, family, friends and clients and to give back more than what I take.

About This Session

In this Qall, I will assist you with career exploration- The process of choosing the job and training that fits your SKILLS, INTERESTS and match with your PERSONALITY TRAITS and VALUE SYSTEM. STEPS OF CAREER PLANNING PROCESS Step 1: Testing of Aptitude, Abilities, Personality traits, Multiple Intelligence, Study Habits Analysis , Interests, Skills, and Values. (45 mins) Step 2: Analysis of your traits. Step 3: Detailed Career Assessment Report. Step 4: Career Guidance and counseling session. (45 mins) BENEFITS - During the session I will assist you to - Discover your career options and map out a plan of action. Know the traditional,contemporary and future careers. Understand the world of work in terms of the roles and responsibilities,earnings and the nature of work. Understand the growth trajectory,indicating how quickly can one grow in that field. Make a wise confident decision to choose the RIGHT CAREER.

  • M.A.
Languages Known
  • English
Skill Sets
  • Career Counseling,Relationship Counseling,Marriage Counseling,Family Counseling,Personal Counseling,Child & Adoloscent Counseling


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