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Refund Policy

At Querease, our prime focus is to give our users the best possible experience. But on the off chance that a user is not satisfied by the quality of the services provided, we do have a refund policy for the user’s benefit.

The user can ask for a refund on technical grounds, if the voice or video quality was not apt for effective communication. The user can also ask for a refund if they feel that the Qall provided was a dire misuse of the website. For instance, if a paid Qall was created just for the sole purpose of advertising an offline business. Querease does not issue refunds to users on subjective grounds but the consultants are free to issue refunds at their own end in case of subjective issues.

Our users, in the case of dissatisfaction, can apply for a refund within 72 hours of the completion of the Qall. The refund request then, is forwarded to the Consultant/ Service Provider for approval. They then have 72 hours to approve or refute the refund request. If the request is not responded to, or refuted, by the Service Provider, the ultimate decision making authority rests with

In the case of a dispute between the consultant and the user, Querease will be the final decision making authority, although it is not liable to mediate in between the two parties. Rest assured that we will conduct an in-depth investigation of the matter before making a decision in favor of either party.


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