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Settlement is a resolution between two parties when the dispute is solved between them by reaching a conclusion that both the parties agree upon, outside the court. Settlement law consultant assist people in this process. In the early process of litigation, a settlement offer may be made by the plaintiff or defendant to resolve the issue out of the court. There may be various factors affecting this decision such as time taken to settle court cases, money spent on the lengthy litigation process, acquiring witnesses, etc. Settlement is only possible in case of civil or tort damages, carried out by settlement law consultants. In criminal cases, there’s no scope for a settlement and the closest action to a settlement is that of a plea bargain by the defendant, but this is subject to the jurisdiction of the presiding judge. Most people prefer to resolve their disputes outside the court and opt for settlements. Since the judges are not involved in a settlement case to preside over the process, it’s the job of the litigator to ensure maximum justice to the parties they represent. The litigators handling settlement cases must be very tactical in their approach to settlements being made. Querease is fortunate to have a team of settlement law consultants who will help you get the best settlement offer that you could find thanks to their expertise in this field. Seek legal advice from these distinguished settlement law consultants.


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