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Teenagers and ‘rebels’ are the two words most commonly associated with each other. This is the in-between phase in an individual’s life, when they are leaving adolescence and heading towards adulthood. A child is getting used to the physical changes that occur due to puberty, and his needs and demands grow considerably. It can be quite tricky to deal with teenagers. Only a rare few sets of parents exist who don’t have to deal with moody, rebellious, fickle-minded teenagers. Teens are in the phase when they are trying to adapt to the sudden changes around them, are more wanting to be loved and appreciated by everyone around them. This can be a fun learning stage of life for them when they truly discover their likes and dislikes, and their habits and personal choices may predict the course of life they want to take in the future. But, this can also be a very stressful time for the teens, as they are under the constant pressure of being liked by people, especially their friends. Teenagers need counselling when they become too haphazard in dealing with their shifting environmental and social factors. Teens are known to be stressed and can lash out with angry outbursts at their family, especially their parents, become unnaturally subdued, anxious or in the worst cases, even suicidal. There’s often a communication gap between parents and their teenagers, as the former often dismisses the behavioural problems of the latter as rude and ‘unnecessarily attention seeking’. Freedom takes on a new meaning for teenagers, and they want minimal to no interference of their parents in their personal lives, which is not possible for parents always. Thus, to deal with all these, and other specific teenage-related issues, it’s highly advisable to consider teenage counselling sessions. A reputed counsel will listen to both sides of the story, that of the concerned parents and of the distressed teenager, and reach a consensus that’s acceptable to both. Teenagers can be volatile in nature, and a distinguished counsellor’s counsel can help shape a teenager into a wonderful adult. Querease brings to you a panel of sensitive and experienced counsellors who will help you bridge the gap between you and your child through their teenage counselling sessions, delivered through video chats over our user-friendly website. Get over the stigma of counselling sessions, and deal with your problems through the privacy of your home, and comfort of flexible time and location choices.


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