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Teenage Turmoil

About This Expert

With more than 4 years of experience as a Psychologist, I have worked in diverse set-ups across various age groups. My learning, so far, has been very enriching and all my encounters have brought me closer to understanding human patterns, and life at large. From working in hospitals to NGO's and various other organizations, I have been exposed to all sorts of losses and the ways to resolve them. All this has polished my skills and has enabled me to better understand the human psyche. In last 4 years I have learned that the role of a Psychologist is not to change the life of others, but to initiate that change.

About This Session

Teenage, being the most crucial time of our life, seems to be very demanding. The ever increasing peer pressure, exam fever, inability to deal with relationships and identity crisis- together they all seem to be a vicious circle. As a Psychologist, I will help you come closer to a broader perspective of life and deal with your life more efficiently.

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Guided me well for future!!


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