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A trademark is a symbol, word, device or name which is associated with a product, line of products or services which indicates the source of the products and services. A trademark prevents others from using a deceptively similar name or symbol but it doesn’t prevent others from selling the similar kind of services. Patent of an invention gives the inventor the exclusive right to produce that invention. When a product has the patent of a particular source, no one else apart from that very source has the legal right to produce that invention for mass supply, or even for their personal use. Usually, the tenure of a patent last up to 20 years. When a patent is obtained, it basically means that the right to make, sell, use, produce that product by someone else outside its source of origin is taken away from other. Trademark and Patent Registration are crucial legal remedies and highly competent trademark and patent lawyers are required to carry out these duties. If searched diligently, one can find many trademark and patent lawyers online. When ground-breaking inventions are made, the legal remedy, followed-through by trademark and patent lawyers can be extremely profitable for the inventor as he gets to reap the benefits of his hard work for a long time. This also protects the people and the company’s products, services and ideas from being replicated and sold to the public in an unfair manner and ensure that their efforts are rewarded and don’t go to waste. Seek trademark and patent lawyer’s advice to register for a patent or trademark and protect your goods and services. Querease provides you access to trademark and patent lawyers online so that the procedure of Trademark and Patent Registration is hassle free.


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