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Urology, also known as genitourinary surgery, is the field of medicine that focusses on the surgical and medical diseases of the female urinary tract systems and the male reproductive organs. The urinary and reproductive systems are closely linked and the disorder of one affects the system of the other. Thus, a major number of ailments dealt with in urology exists under the domain of genitourinary disorders. Urologists are experts in the field of urology, and test a combination of non-surgical conditions like urinary tract infections and benign prostrate hyperplasia with surgical conditions like prostate cancer, kidney stones, etc. Abnormalities treated by urologists affect not just the urinary system of an individual, but the reproductive and nervous system as well. An expert Urologist’s counsel must be sought immediately in case of any serious and recurrent syndrome. At Querease, we have with us on-board expert urologists who will counsel you in case of any disease or disorder you may be facing. Our experts make sure that you’re comfortable talking about your problems and will do their best to put you at ease. The medical professionals with their expertise will deliver the sessions through video chats on our highly interactive user-friendly interface. All the records regarding your session (sessions in case you need multiple ones) are saved at one place and you can access them anytime without much of a hassle. Get in touch with our experts now!


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