Advantages of Using Car Parking Shade

The parking sunshade is an equipment installed to provide vehicles with the most complete protection against the damage that continuous exposure in open areas can cause. Through this installation, cars are safe from rain, storms, winds and exposure to violet rays, which can damage the paintwork of the vehicles.

Establishments that are concerned with the integrity of their customers’ assets make use of the  parking sunshade for parking , equipment that can also be installed in garages in condominiums, clubs, hotels, etc.

Discover all the advantages of using a car parking shade

In addition to providing safety for vehicles, the car parking shade dubai also provides protection for nearby environment, which enhances the surroundings where it is installed. This equipment can be implemented in open areas, as exposure to the open air is capable of causing deterioration of the clients’ assets.

You need to find a team of professionals that develops products according to each space. Wo always to meet the particularities and characteristics of each contractor. In addition to working with the best resources, you should look for the creation of 3D projects, which provides customers with a projection of how the equipment will be positioned and installed.

The car parking shades have a long durability, which avoids expenses with constant maintenance, as it is a company that works only with high quality materials.

Leading company in the manufacture and installation of car parking shades

With more than 10 years of experience and taking the best alternatives in the segment, Shelter Tent is synonymous with quality for those looking for a parking shade, retractable polycarbonate covers, roller blinds and other equipment.

The use of the products supplied by our company, gives to the most diverse environments, equipment that unites beauty and utility. Therefore, relying on Suntoldos services becomes an essential part for those who want to improve their environments with modern and high-performance solutions.

All our activities are carried out with the monitoring and assistance of specialists in the area, therefore, our professionals are responsible for providing an excellent service to the entire region of Greater São Paulo and the coast of São Paulo. Thus, our company is committed to the installation of carefully manufactured and implemented parts.

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